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Mediterranean Diet!

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Are you looking for a dietitian who speaks fluent Greek?

If so, language doesn't have to be a barrier anymore. You can book an appointment with Mr. Jordan Psomopoulos, the Greek educated dietitian. Your Greek speaking Dietitian in Melbourne.

- Weight Loss:

 Expert in treatment of obesity and weight management.

20 years of experience in Greece. More than 10000 satisfied clients. . Expert in Mediterranean Diet. Participation in Antioxidants studies.

- Chronic Diseases:

 Specialising in nutritional management for:

Gastrointestinal Disorders. Diabetes. Cardiovascular Diseases. Hypertension. Renal Diseases. Liver & Gallbladder Diseases.

- Life Cycle Nutrition:

 Nutritional support for:

Fertility. Pregnancy. Lactation. Infancy. Childhood & Adolescence. Adulthood. Later Years.


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Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes for Lowering Chronic Diseases Risk



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Jordan Psomopoulos, Dietitian/ Nutritionist